Wildlife Donations

Adventures with Elephants


For 10 years Adventures With Elephants has been a fixture in the wider Bela Bela community. Over the years we have grown into the top tourist place to visit. Adventures With Elephants have also been conducting community upliftment programs, we assist with community security, and has become a renowned research center. We are also proud that we are a provider of jobs to people of the local community who give tours, clean, maintain the facility, and take care of our very special ELEPHANTS!!

Our mission

  1. To increase awareness of the conservation issues facing wildlife in Africa.
  2. To inspire awe, joy and interest in the African elephant
  3. To promote understanding that wildlife needs to have value in order for it to survive.

There are many ways of contributing to wildlife conservation. Our way is to educate our guests in the greatness of this unique animal. We believe in the power of the “Ambassadorial animal” and we are honoured to say that annually we reach and inspired close to 15000 guests in the vagaries of wildlife conservation.

In a perfect world, all elephants would be free and wild, indeed all game would be free and wild. In the imperfect world we live in, we must find solutions for both animal and humans to be able to co-exist. As long as wildlife has no value to the people who own them/live with them, wildlife will continue to die carelessly and cruelly. AWE works towards finding and communicating the value of having and conserving wildlife.

If we can get 1000 elephant friends to donate just R200 pm for the next 6 to 12 months, we can make it to the other side.

Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary


The Wolf Sanctuary is the only one of its kind in South Africa. We work towards protecting the wolf from ultimate extinction but also provide the best care for captive-born wolves. At our Sanctuary wolves are able to live as wild a life as possible.
The Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary supports the survival of the wolf around the world by:
  1. Putting plans in place to preserve a healthy genetic strain outside its natural domain.
  2. Teaching about its life and its association with other species.
  3. Its dynamic relationship with humans.
  4. Provision of a sanctuary and ultimately a “natural habitat” for captive wolves.
  5. Public education on the value of ALL wildlife.
  6. The importance of not removing animals from their natural domain.
  7. The importance of ending hybridizing (cross-breeding).
  8. Lone wolves are paired whenever possible for companionship or are slowly integrated into a pack.

Because we do not wish to contribute to captive populations of wolves, we do not breed. Any unsterilized animals brought to the sanctuary will be given tubal litigation or a vasectomy. This will allow the animals to experience normal breeding behavior while not producing any litters.

Our wolf “adoptions” are symbolic but a wonderful way to make a difference in the lives of these incredible animals.

You may adopt the wolves singly, in pairs, or as a pack. Consider giving the person who “has it all” a gift adoption!

The Wolf Sanctuary is always in need of funds to sufficiently look after the wolves. Any donations are truly appreciated and put to good use. At this time we feel that any financial donations are best served for the upkeep of the wolf sanctuary.