Lowveld/Greater Kruger Activities

Swaziland Full Day Tour

from R1,950

As one of the few remaining Executive Monarchies in Africa, culture and heritage are deeply engrained in all aspects of Swazi life, ensuring an unforgettable full-day experience for all who visit.                                                                            

Panorama Day Trip

from R1,650

We will visit famous sights as God’s Window, Bourke’s Luck Potholes and Three Rondawels. There are also many spectacular waterfalls on the Panorama Route where we will stop to enjoy the beauty. Lunch is included where we will stop for pancakes at the famous Harrie’s Pancakes in Graskop.

Zipline - Nelspruit

from R200


Why would anybody strap themselves onto a high speed pulley running on a long cable, , reaching a speed of up to 60 km/h, wind in your ears, – and you find yourself suspended in mid-air screaming on top of your voice? Because it’s fast, it’s fun, it’s safe and it is what life is all about! Two zip lines 300 meters and 160 meters 30 meters above the ground…

Full Day Kruger National Park Safari

from R1,350

Our Kruger National Park Safaris on Open Safari Vehicles is the best way to see animals and birds in the Kruger National Park. We can also collect you from any gate or camp of the Kruger National Park. It is a guided Safari and we offer a 10-hour Full Day Safari to the Kruger National Park.

Horse Riding - Nelspruit

from R350


Embark on a scenic ride suitable for beginners, as well as for the experienced rider who can also expect to have a fun time on this tour.This out ride is 90 minutes long with a guide.You will go on the out ride in the countryside on trails taking in Nelspruit’s country side. Return to the stables after 90 minutes of breath taking views.

Leopard Crawl Tour

from R5,550


This amazing tour begins with us leaving Nelspruit at 5am when the birds are awakening. We arrive at Kruger in time to catch some, or hopefully all, of the 140 mammals as well as the Big Five stretching and preparing for the new day.

Elephant Tour

from R8,750

This tour also begins with a bright and early 5 am rising for us to benefit and find a wide variety of mammals as well as the Big Five in Kruger. Three days & two nights Kruger National Park and Blyde Canyon tour.

Rhino 4 day safari

from R11,950


This amazing tour is dedicated to those amazingly gentle beautiful Rhinos that have sadly lost the war in the constant fight against Poaching. A four-day safari taking in rehabilitation centers and Blyde canyon

Chimp Eden and Sudwala Caves

from R1,150


Visitors will be captivated by these primates who share 97% of mans’ DNA. With every visitor we take to the Sanctuary, we contribute to the rescue of another chimpanzee. After the tour, we stop for lunch (own account) before traveling to the Sudwala Caves 24km outside Nelspruit. The Sudwala Caves Tour is a one hour tour to the famous Sudwala Caves, which has a very rich and interesting history.

Full-Day Retreat - Nelspruit

from R950


Have a day to explore the in house activities and take a step out of your comfort zone. This package includes Meditation, Yoga, Brunch, and activities outdoors. The focus is to explore life in itself.

8 Day Beach and Bush - 3 countries

from R21,900


Visit three countries from the Bush to the Beach ,Swazi culture ,Kruger National park and beaches of Mozambique.

Hazyview area

Horse Riding and Adventures

Explore the scenic valleys and woodland forests of the Lowveld Countryside on horseback

Chimp Eden and Botanical Gardens day tour from Hazyview

from R1,825.65

See dozens of rescued chimpanzees at the Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee Eden, followed by a trip to Lowveld Botanical Gardens. Depart from Hazyview—outside of Kruger National Park—on this full-day tour that begins with a visit to ‘Chimp Eden,’ Meet individual chimps, experience feeding time and watch these playful primates interact in a forested sanctuary. Following lunch (own expense) spend time exploring Nelspruit’s Lowveld Botanical Gardens, home to one of the largest collections of South African trees and hundreds of various birds that flock here for the natural vegetation

Aerial Cable Trail

from R560

Experience the freedom of gliding over one of the last remaining natural forested valleys along the Sabie River adjacent to the Kruger National Park. The aerial cable trail takes you down into the valley basin, stopping along the way on a number of elevated platforms to admire the natural vegetation, birdlife and the views of the forest floor below.

Tree-Top Challenge

from R190

The Tree-Top Challenge is an elevated obstacle course or high ropes course, made up of interconnecting poles and trees that support various obstacles or elements between them. All these interconnecting poles and trees form a giant “jungle gym” suitable for both young and old (adult) kids. Ideal family adventure.

Sabie area

Caving by Candle Light

from R310

We will take you through muddy tunnels, dark holes and large chambers. Sabie’s caves have its own unique rock formations, offering thrill-seekers a challenge, no matter what level of experience you have.

White-water Tubing / Geckoing

from R465

With this unique rafting experience, you negotiate river rapids in your own boat with your face at river level! This awesome, one-on-one experience with the raging river rapids makes it the best way to go down the Sabie River. We drive 20km from Sabie to the U2 section of the Sabie River, we are the only company to go down the biggest (Grade 3) Tubing rapids on the river. We do 7 big rapids over a distance of 3km, there is an optional 7m cliff-jump and an awesome natural bumslide at the end.

Waterfall Abseiling

from R310

It’s unique because you abseil down a waterfall, get a chance to swim below the falls and walk through our beautiful indigenous forest.

Canyoning to Mac-Mac Waterfall

from R465

With our Canyoning, you get to see the best part of the Mac-Mac Canyoning. It’s a beautiful tour to secret waterfalls and unique vegetation that you can only see booking with us.

Forest Cruise

from R310

We are the only operator who has permission to go to this privately owned waterfall. It is an incredible 100 meters tall from top to bottom! We take you to a secret waterfall uncharted on any tourist map and only accessible by 4×4 vehicles.

The Panorama

Entrance fee Graskop Gorge Lift Company

from R30

This service is for the entrance fee to the lifestyle centre only. The Graskop Gorge Lift Co lifestyle centre forms the gateway to the forest below and is made up of a number of small retail outlets, a community craft market, and a restaurant perched on the cliff edge with spectacular views of the waterfall and forest below.

Graskop Gorge Lift Co

from R205

The Gorge lift experience includes access to the viewing lift into the gorge and the 600m interpretation trail on the valley floor, taking you on a scenic walk through the forest, over the river and to the foot of the waterfall.

Graskop Gorge Lift Co - Pensioners

from R170

The gorge is centrally located on the Panorama Route and is an ideal stop over point, whether it be for the view, the forest, the food or the various adventure activities, guided tours and hikes in the surrounding areas there is bound to be something for everyone.                                                          

Elephant Moments at Jabulani Safari

from R1,080

Arrive at sunrise for your personal introduction to a very special family, and immerse yourself fully in the natural environment of one of Africa’s most epic creatures.

Boat Cruise on the Blyde River Canyon dam

from R240

This is your opportunity to see the famous Three Rondawels and the Blyde River Canyon from the angle it’s supposed to be seen: while you’re on the water, at the base of the towering mountains that form these breath-taking sights.

Panorama Half Day tour, Mpumalanga

from R1,052

For guests who have limited time, this tour provides an opportunity to visit some of the better-known attractions of the region. We take guests to Graskop and along the Blyde River Canyon to God’s Window north of the town, returning to Hazyview via the Lisbon Falls and Berlin Falls. 

Panorama Full Day Tour

from R1,460

The tour begins at Hazyview, and climbs towards the town of Graskop, and the southernmost point of the Blyde River Canyon! This full-day tour will show you the beauty of the famous Panorama route!

Shangana Cultural Village Evening Festival, Evening Tour

from R1,604

This evening tour will show you the beautiful culture of the Shangan people. The traditional villages are set in a reserve of forest and grassland, overlooking the valley, and nestled in the shade of ancient Umbhaba trees.

Blyde Boat, Reptiles & Wildlife Full-day Tour

from R1,884

Visit the beautiful Blyde river canyon by boat, the wildlife park and the reptile park in this full day tour based in Mpumalanga province!

Endangered Wildlife Full-Day Tour

from R1,594

This full day tour takes you to two endagered wildlife centres, where you will have the opportunity to get up close & personal with some of Africa’s most endagered species!

The 4-Day Kruger via Panorama

from R13,400

Experience Mpumalanga in 4 Days! Including a Panorama, two full-day, and a morning safari in the Kruger National Park.

Ranked #1 on TripAdvisor for Kruger National Park Safaris.

Tubing on the Blyde River

from R350

For the active and adventurous at heart, we offer tubing on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Blyde River.
Enjoy an afternoon or morning session of tubing at your leisure. This is a great experience and outing for the whole family to enjoy depending on water levels.

Kapama Night Drive & Cheetah Breeding Project

from R2,955

This tour includes a visit to the Hoedspruit Endagered species centre where you will have the chance to see some of Africa’s most endagered species. After this we will take you to Kapama reserve where you will enjoy a game drive and a lapa dinner.