Drakensberg area

Drakensberg Slack Packing

from R8,500

The Giants Castle Slack packing trail is a luxury hike offering comfortable and varied accommodation for each night including luggage transfers, guide, conservation fees and delectable catering. Trails consist of small intimate groups of max 6 persons. This is a three-day hike through the Lowlands Conservancy and the Zulu Waters Private Game Reserve. The hike is gentle in distance making this hike perfect for beginners and families. The lodges offer three course dinners from locally grown ingredients with hearty breakfasts and picnic lunches are supplied.

Drakensberg Scootours

From only R450

We meet at Sandra se Winkel, from where the trip starts. You can park your vehicle in front of her shop. (Sandra se Winkel is a trip down memory lane definitely not to be missed. Allow some time before or after the Scootour trip to visit her museum. There is an entry fee to her museum and interesting things to buy?

After signing indemnity and settling payment you will embark on the journey to the top of the mountain on the back of our 4×4 vehicle. Once at the top you will be handed a scooter and be briefed by the guide on how to operate the scooter.

The whole tour is guided. The route is easy to navigate and the only requirement is that you are able to ride a bicycle.

You don’t need to be fit to enjoy Scootours. The only skill you need is that you are able to balance a bicycle.

Bring along a snack and beverage in a small backpack to enjoy at the top of the mountain.

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from R350


Abseiling is a popular adventure sport that is sought after by adrenaline seekers. Drakensberg Abseiling offers a safe and controlled environment near to giants Castle at Antbear Lodge. Stepping backwards over the edge and descending down the cliff unleashing an adrenaline rush and boosting your self confidence.

Star Gazing hammock camp

from R200


This is a star gazing experience that is different and is part of the community upliftment program supported by Antbear Lodge. Mlendeni Sitole is from the local village and he will tell you his grandmothers stories of the night skies. He has built a star gazing hammock camp for you to relax and observe the heavens and listen to the night sounds. He makes you feel like you have never seen the night sky before when you go stargazing at Antbear Lodge. 

Horse trails in the Drakensberg

from R350


Antbear Lodge offers horse trails right on their eco-farm near Giants Castle which is particularly suited to beginners. They practice the gentler horse whispering methods to train their horses and go for slow outrides on the farm. The rides here are safe and slow still lots of experienced riders have enjoyed what we offer.

The Giant’s Cup Trail 2 day Hike

to be quoted


The Giant’s Cup Trail 2 day hike is an easy saunter in the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg. We start at the Sani Pass Backpackers and walk to Pholela hut at Cobham. Because we’ll be doing the 2-day version of the Giant’s Cup Trail Hike, where we will stay overnight in Pholela Hut, and have an easy walk back to Sani Backpackers the next morning. The Giant’s Cup Trail 2 day hike takes us through the Southern Drakensberg foothills. As we walk we are always looking up at the huge Drakensberg mountains. Hodgson’s Peak is visible for most of the way. After a while, the beautiful Garden Castle comes in to view. Rhino Peak is also visible high above us. There is a path for most of the way, so the walking is fairly easy.

Bannerman Hut 2 Day Hike at Giant’s Castle

to be quoted


The Bannerman Hut 2 day hike at Giant’s Castle is a great hike to do for families or people just wanting to get away into nature. Because we are sleeping in a mountain hut we don’t have to carry tents. Yay. We do have to bring our sleeping mats and sleeping bags though. The way back to our cars takes 3 hours and we finish off with lunch at the Giants castle restaurant. What a great way to spend a weekend doing the Bannerman hut 2-day hike at Giants castle.

Lower Injisuthi Drakensberg Cave

to be quoted


The lower Injisuthi Drakensberg cave is perfect for people just wanting an easy 4 hr hike to a lovely and big cave over a weekend. We start this overnight hike at the office at Injisuthi camp in the Central Drakensberg. Soon after setting out we cross the Injisuth river. Try not to fall in. Ha ha.

Drakensberg Gxalingenwa Cave 2 Day Hike

to be quoted


The Gxalingenwa Cave 2 Day Hike is to one of the nicest caves in the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg. Our Gxalingenwa Cave 2 day Hike is a wonderful introduction to hiking in the Drakensberg. We still trek up to 6 hours each day so really get to check out the beautiful mountains. This is an ideal hike for beginners and families, but it is also great for those who just want a Drakensberg Hiking experience. It’s only 2 days so perfect if you don’t have the time for an extended hike. 

Monk’s Cowl To Zulu Cave 2 Day Hike

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Almost certainly the Monk’s cowl to Zulu Cave 2 day hike takes us to one of the loveliest caves in the Drakensberg, Zulu Cave. The Monk’s Cowl to Zulu Cave 2 Day Hike is an excellent hike for families with children. It is a fantastic opportunity to get your children hooked on hiking and we don’t have to carry tents.